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APAP offers peer visa consultation letters for members applying for O and P temporary employment visa categories. Currently, the fee for letters is $100 payable by check or credit card. The peer consultation letters are not required, but add additional support to visa petitions. They are not a substitute for required labor consultation letters.

This service is available to active APAP organizational members only. The Artist Access membership does not include this benefit. If you are not currently an APAP member or would like to renew your membership please contact our membership department at 202-833-2787 or visit our membership page.

If you are an active APAP member and would like to request a visa consultation letter, please review the petition materials for visa peer consultation letter first. Submit the required information as described in an email to visaletter@apap365.org with "Visa Consultation Letter" in the subject line. Please include your name, contact information, the name of the APAP member organization, and type of visa letter you are requesting. You will receive a response shortly.

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